Manual Training High School, Brooklyn, NY

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Seventh Avenue Between 5 & 6 Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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1920 - University Archives and Records Center - University of ...
by their classmates, their University and the nation as the highest embodiment o f ... Speaker, Deputation Teams Christian Association . 33 d ... Boys' High School, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; U. S . Marines. ..... Lousiville Manual Training High School ; Alembic Senio r ..... ciate Editor "1920 Class Record" ; Student Editor "Alumni.
Donald L. Klein | Chemical Heritage Foundation
DONALD L. KLEIN 1930 Born in Brooklyn, New York on 19 December ... 1999 Brooklyn Technical High School Alumni Hall of Fame ABSTRACT Donald L. Klein is .... [His classmates] called themselves the “Dirty Dozen,” both for the year and for ... was valedictorian of her class at [Manual Training High School] in Brooklyn.
PAW October 6, 2004: Memorials - Princeton University
Oct 6, 2004 ... He founded the American Conservation Association in 1958 and was head ... in 1940, settled in Pelham, N.Y. He believed his most worthwhile activity was ... To them, his classmates extend their deep sympathies. .... He came from Brooklyn's Manual Training High School and spent his .... Graduate Alumni ...